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This white paper  and this  presentation walks you through the concepts behind LISP and LISP-MN.

LISPmob in the media

LISPmob on the RIPE blog (Nov. 2014)

LISPmob has been announced at the RIPE blog: "LISPmob: a Flexible LISP Implementation"

LISPmob @ EANTC  Public Multi Vendor Interoperability Event 2013

The open-source LISP implementation LISPmob has been tested successfully by EANTC (European Advanced Networking Test Center)

The tests were carried out during the hot-staging event for the EANTC Public Multi-Vendor Interoperability Event 2013. There, LISPmob was certified as a feasible solution for IPv6 transition scenarios. LISPmob capability to carry IPv4/IPv6 traffic over IPv4 or IPv6 core networks was demonstrated.

The good results obtained during the hot-staging event, allowed LISPmob to be publicly shown during the V6 World Congress 2013.

The results of the tests can be consulted on the EANTC white paper available here.

LISPmob @ CLASS 2012

The role of LISPmob in the cloud was presented at the CLoud ASSisted services (CLASS) conference, 2012.

LISPmob @ FOSDEM 2012

LISPmob was presented at Europe's biggest open source event, the Free and Open Source Software Developer's European Meeting (FOSDEM), 2012 Edition.

LISPmob on Datamation (Oct. 2011)

Datamation published an article called "60 New Open Source Apps You've (Probably) Never Heard Of", where LISPmob is one of the three applications mentioned in the "Mobile" category.

LISPmob on the Cisco blog (Sep. 2011)

LISPmob has been announced at the Cisco blog by Michael Enescu : “LISPmob, a new open source project for network mobility”.

Research Papers/ Publications

LISP Specification

The IETF RFC that describe the LISP specification is:

  • The Base Locator/ID Separation Protocol (LISP) Specification: rfc6830.txt

The IETF drafts that describe the LISP-MN specification is:

For further information please refer to

LISP tutorials & presentations

A good LISP tutorial: David Meyer, The Locator Identifier Separation Protocol (LISP),  Cisco IP Journal, Vol 1, No. 11, 2008

A set of presentations:

For further information about LISP refer to: