Downloads - OpenWrt

We use Git as version control system for our code and GitHub for hosting our repository. OpenWrt and Linux version share the code. You can browse the code at , or clone a local copy to your development machine:

      git clone git://

On branch 'master' you can find the new 0.4.1 version of LISPmob which implements the following functionalities:

  • Register to the Mapping System
  • Request mappings
  • DDT client
  • Reply to mapping requests
  • Encapsulate data packets
  • Decapsulate data packets
  • RLOC Probing (user configurable)
  • IPv6 full support (EIDs and RLOCs)
  • Interface management
  • Solicit-Map-Request
  • Multihoming
  • Experimental NAT traversal

You can find more information in the file. General information and configuration for Linux version still applies to OpenWrt. Please refer to OpenWrt section on the README for specific OpenWrt details.

OpenWrt 12.09 Attitude Adjustment

LISPmob is included in the newest OpenWrt version. If you are using OpenWrt 12.09 you can install LISPmob with:

    opkg update

    opkg install lispmob

Please check the to know how to configure it.

Get the precompiled  package of OpenWrt with LISPmob in the following links:

Install LISPmob from ipk file: