How to contribute

The LISPmob project welcomes new contributors, both from industry and academia. There are several areas where help is valued:

  • Maintaining distribution specific packages: we are not supplying binary packages yet. If you know how to build binary packages for your favorite - or any other, for that matter - Linux distribution and are willing to maintain builds, let us know, we will host them on the project server.

  • Documentation: both user and developer documentation is very basic at the moment. The is editable by any Github user, so one of the easyest ways to contribute is by improving documentation. Let us know your intentions on the devel mailing list.

  • Code: see below for the major planned features, or use our from the wiki to see all items that need developer attention. Contributions in those areas are highly valued, but if you implement a useful feature not listed there, it may be still accepted and committed. Ask on the devel mailing list.


See our on the wiki for a frequently updated list of planned features.