Research challenges

LISPmob also welcomes researchers to contribute to the community, there are several research challenges that should be addressed in the short/medium term, and this means designing a solution and implementing/prototyping it, here you can find a short list of (identified) research challenges. Other non-identified reserach challenges are welcome:


The problems of privacy is paramount in mobility protocols. The problema can be divided into location and identity privacy. Location privacy is concerned with protecting the location information of the user from other peers, this information could be used to track his/her movements. In LISP, hosts are identified with an EID, this identifier is constant and does not change regardless of the mobile node´s location. In this context, identity privacy concerns with allowing the user to hide his/her identity to third-parties.

IP Sharing

A LISP-MN is identified both with an EID and a RLOC. Efforts to deal with NAT-traversal at the RLOC space are already in progress (see Planned Features (link)). However, LISP could be also extended to allow a single EID shared among multiple mobile nodes. This could help ISPs that could use a single IPv4 address to identify a set of mobile nodes, and multiple RLOCs (IPv6) to locate them.