Community bylaws

The LISPmob Project

The LISPmob project is a community effort to deliver a reliable, full-featured and production quality implementation of the LISP Mobile Node specification. Cisco Systems released their initial internal implementation to the public as a true open source project under the GNU General Public License version 2. Participation in the community is open to anyone, and can be done through the project mailing lists, where all development activity happens.

Community Roles

Participants in the project can assume the following roles:

  • User: someone using the LISPmob code, who contributes by helping other users on the mailing lists, reporting bugs, or suggesting features.
  • Developer: a user active in discussions on the developer mailing list, contributing source code or documentation. Their contributions are added to the source tree by a committer.
  • Committer: a developer with write access to the source code repository. Commit access is granted by the Project Management Committee.
  • Project Management Committee (PMC) member: PMC members control the direction of the project, based on consensus. The PMC sets the priorities for the features to be developed, grants and revokes commit access, and decides what can and cannot be merged into the source tree.

Project Management Committee

The first PMC was established at the time of the open sourcing of the initial code, and will govern the project until August 31, 2012, the first year of its existence. After that date, a PMC based on merit in contributions and demonstration of commitment to the project will be elected by the committers, from the committers. The exact procedures will be discussed on the developer mailing list, and this document will be updated to reflect the outcome of those discussions, when the PMC feels that consensus is reached.

The current members of the PMC are (in alphabetical order):